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Easy Plans Of FortiAuthenticator Simplified
Easy Plans Of FortiAuthenticator Simplified


Business security strengthens by simplifying and centralizing storage and the management of user identity information. Network and internet access is a key for almost every function with the enterprise; however, this requirement must be balanced with the threat that it brings.The key goal of every enterprise would be to supply protected but controlled network access empowering the right man the right access at the perfect time.

Fortinet Single Sign On is the method of supplying function and secure identity based access to the Fortinet network that is connected. FortiAuthenticator builds on the bases of Fortinet Single Sign On, adding a greater range of user identification approaches and greater scalability. FortiAuthenticator is the gatekeeper of authority into the Fortinet bonded business network conveying this information to FortiGate apparatus to be used in Identity Based Policies, querying access permissions from third party systems and identifying users.

Distributed as part of FortiClient or as a standalone installment for Windows PCs the client conveys login IP stack changes wired, wireless, wireless network roaming and logout events to the FortiAuthenticator removing the requirement for polling methods fortiAuthenticator delivers Skill to transparently identify network users and apply identity driven policy on a Fortinet enabled enterprise network Seamless ensure two variables/ OTP authentication across the organization in conjunction with FortiToken Certification management for business wireless and VPN deployment.

FortiAuthenticator reduces the functional weight of enterprise and guest user direction, supplies secure identity and role based access to some Fortinet enabled cost effective for small business to carrier installations, enterprise, available in virtual and hardware form factors. FortiAuthenticator is compatible with and complements the FortiToken variety of two factor authentication tokens for Secure Remote Access enabling authentication with multiple FortiGate network security appliances and third party apparatus.

Advantages and key features of FortiAuthenticator are - FSSO transparent user identification; Integration with LDAP and AD for group membership; Broad range of user identification techniques; enablement of identity and role based security; Zero impact for business users; Uses existing systems for network authorization info, reducing deployment times and streamlining management processes. For where a client is just not attainable or systems which do not support AD polling, FortiAuthenticator supplies an explicit authentication portal site. This enables the users to manually authenticate to the FortiAuthenticator and subsequently into the network.